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Nothing brightens our day more than when we receive a nice letter from a happy customer. We'll post them here to share.

"...when we received the towels, our friend really liked them! It is interesting to see a person's reaction to something that represents their heritage. Thank you for providing what must be relatively hard piece-work at a reasonable cost."

2016 - George and Christina Pfeiffer, Seattle, WA

"It's beautiful and exactly what I hoped for. Thank you so much."

2016 - BreeAnna Weiler, Anchorage, AK

"As a native Scot (now living in the US) I have become deeply familiar with all things tartan over the years and have always held the firm belief that 'if it isn't from Scotland, it's rubbish!' I cannot have been more wrong.

Whilst browsing various vendors in the UK and the US for an off the shelf fly plaid for my wedding (in a difficult to find tartan I might add) I, by sheer chance came across TartanWeaver.com and will never look back. Molly immediately embraced the project of creating a custom fly plaid in Oliver (Hunting - Modern) with great enthusiasm.

Speaking from experience, for off the shelf fly plaids in good wool you are looking at maybe twice what Molly charges - for a custom plaid, woven to your own specification, it is three times as much, easily. The products are a magnificent steal and despite Molly's generous price for the plaid, the final product I received from her is one of expert craftsmanship - it is simply brilliant work.

If that weren't enough, every single interaction with Molly has been nothing short of wonderful. She has been incredibly accommodating throughout the whole process.

I have nothing but good things to say about Molly and her craft. She cares about her work and the customer. If you need any tartan accessory, anything other than a kilt, you would be a fool to go to anyone other than Molly, the Tartan Weaver."

2015 - James DE Oliver - formerly UK - St. Paul MN

"I have purchased a good number of products from 'A Tartan Weaver' and can say with some authority that the quality and workmanship cannot be matched! Molly is very easy to work with and always produces an individual work of Art. The old saying goes: 'you get what you pay for'. In this case, a wearable piece of Art.

2014 - Bruce Cates Morrow, Ohio

"Thank you for your hard work on my MacLaren treasures. My mother will be so happy with the lap rug. I love mine too. I have received so many compliments on my scarf. I wear it every day! . . . You did a fantastic job and you truly are a master weaver!"

2011 - Vicki Homan, Anchorage, AK

"I cannot tell you how happy I was to return home for one hour between the business trip to Portland and the DAR trip to Roanoke to find Deanne's sash. It is beautiful! And she was so proud to have it. She wore it all three days. As soon as I have pictures, I will send them. Thank you for the beautiful workmanship but even more for your kindness."

2011 - Beverly Alexander, Culpepper, VA

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