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Tartan Examples:

D o you need a woven sample of the tartan you have just designed, or a custom woven tartan accessory?
Then you need A Tartan Weaver. That`s me, Molly V. Manaugh. I have been a weaver for over 35 years, making and selling hand woven Scottish tartans since 1995 in my home in Fairbanks, Alaska.

I learned the craft of weaving in 1983 in my home state of California. My goal was to weave my own clan tartan: MacNaughton. Since then I have woven over 380 different tartan patterns. Tartans are a beautiful blending of a few basic colors into many different patterns. I do not weave yardage orders. I prefer to create those items to accessorize the home and wardrobe. Please check out my tartan products for photos and details. If you are interested in an item not on that page, please let me know. I will try to accommodate your needs.

I have access to many patterns and will weave any unrestricted tartan. If you need help finding your pattern - or one you like, use the links in the upper left hand area of this page.

If you have designed your own tartan, and need a sample woven up, I can do that as well. Please contact me for the details as the price may vary depending on the sample size.

Not sure what a Tartan is? Need to know more about what I do? Check out my What is a Tartan? area.  

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